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Amber is a very muscular female wrestler! She weight 215 lbs - and every part of her body consists of pure muscles! And she knows how to use them. Steve will realize very soon that he has an opponent he cannot beat! Instead Amber really fast takes over control and applies some really nasty sleeper holds. She grabs his neck and doesn't loose her choke. Steve tries to free himself but she gives him no chance...!

Ariel is a sexy woman. She has a perfect body and her ass and tits looks awesome! But she has also another side... her dark side! She is sadistic and cruel and likes to torture men! Steve has the bad luck that he is in her range - and of course she immediately starts to treat him like shit! She brings him down on the mat and puts his head between her arms. She squeezes every bit of air out of his lungs. It doesn't look very well for Steve...

It was a nice day for Steve. But then he met Jennifer! The cruel girl knows some really nasty techniques! She easily subdues him. Steve doesn't try to escape now because he has realized that it makes things even worse... So he only can hope that she stops punishing him. But this won't happen soon! She grabs his neck and chokes him with full power. His head turns dark red - even before he looses his conscious...

Jennifer and Steve want to find out who is the stronger and better wrestler! At first Steve thought that he has a chance. But only few moments later it doesn't look like he can win. At least it doesn't look like he could SURVIVE this match! Jennifer uses her power and experience to bring him down easily. She puts his head between her legs and prevents him from breathing. Steve tries to resist - but it's hopeless...!

Ouch! Robin is a beautiful girl with blonde hair. She wears tight denim jeans, black gloves and a nice wool cardigan sweater. But only her appearance is nice - her attitude is bad! She wants to smother poor guy Steve! She likes to show you how she can apply her sleeper hold! This technique is unbelievable efficient! Steve's head turns red and blue very soon and he cannot breathe anymore...!

Goldie is a really cute and sexy redhead. But although she looks so cute, sweet and harmless she is a really brat girl! She likes to smother guys, she likes to choke them, she likes to humiliate them and whatever gives her lot of power. She is sadistic and dominant too! Here you can watch her using Steve to satisfy her dark desires. She chokes him until his face's color changes...!

Steve has to deal with a lot of hot ladies. This time goddess Mercedes has to show him how to suffer! She is a fucking hot girl with a nice body. She has big tits and nice and long hair too. She knows how to treat him the way he needs to be treated. She puts her legs on his throat and chokes him with her full weight. Poor Steve...!

Jennifer is back and Steve seems to have a big problem! This time Jennifer seems to have learnt some new techniques and she is willing to use them too! She puts his head between her legs and attaches a head-scissor. But she also uses a arm choke, then a head figure and then a arm choke again. She puts him in a lot of different positions. He is in a big trouble - and she likes it very much!

Santana is back! And she still knows how to treat a useless slave - with choking and strangling of course! The two wrestlers enter the arena - and soon Santana shows Steve who will win this fight! She uses her arms and legs to stop him from moving. He still tries to escape and free himself but Santana doesn't give him a chance! She increases her pressure and chokes him as hard as she can so he has a big problem to breath...!

Jennifer is a really crazy girl. She does whatever she likes and she has no mercy too. Also she has a great and strong body - and big tits. And she has no problem to use her whole body to immobilize her victim. Steve tries the best he can to escape her but he has no chance. She uses her arms and chokes him very hard. You can see the pain in his face - and the craziness in her face too!

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