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Mistress Kristina wanted something from this guy. She knew there was no way he could give it to her. But she also knew he was a proud guy. So she took advantage of that and challenged him to a wrestling match. If she won, he had to give her the thing. He agreed and they wrestled hard and he was shocked when she held him in a vice like choke hold and he had to surrender.

Lady Daliah had had a long day and all she needed was to unwind and relax. She did not want anything else. When her slave began nagging her she was pissed and had to send a clear message that she was not up for that bullshit. She trampled him and even crushed his throat with her feet. She humiliated him and made sure he did not disturb her for the entire week.

Lady Melissa might look delicate, but she can be especially brutal and cruel when she wants to be. She has no patience today for disobedience, and displays her dominance over her slave by roughly straddling him while she places her strong hands around his neck. It's obvious that she enjoys choking her quarry, letting him know he has no chance against her feminine dark side. He won't disobey her again.

She has ultimate power and isn't afraid to wield it against her slave. This loser soon sees the dark side of this feminine but dominant woman, and realizes what a fool he was to think he could escape her awesome strength. She expertly maneuvers him into various choke holds using her hands and legs. He is utterly defenseless when she displays her full sadistic mastery of every breath he takes.

Sexy blonde torture courtesy of Jeanette. Her domination is merciless as she sits on her helpless slave, crushing his throat with her jeans-clad ass. She spreads her long legs wide in her tight blue jeans to force him into the humiliation of having his face smashed into her crotch. She's sadistic in the way she takes pleasure in cutting off his air supply and holding him in position.

Steve is no match for this dangerously strong brunette. She tolerates no foolishness from her slave, and doesn't waste time showing him that she's in complete control. She ruthless clenches his head and throat between her rock hard thighs, and then chokes him tirelessly before he can even catch his breath. She is one dangerous dom, and readily administers severe punishment to anyone foolish enough to challenge her strength.

Poor Steve has no chance against the cruel whims of Liz, a hot blonde with penchant for different forms of torture and strangling. She metes out her punishment quickly and brutally, and it doesn't take long to see her sadistic side come out. Her domination over her defenseless slave is awesome in its violence, and she uses her strong arms and legs to easily wrestle Steve into submission.

Zoe is pretty but she's also as strong. People never seem to know that and whenever someone messes up with her, she beats him up, strangles, chokes and makes the helpless guys beg for forgiveness

This guy messed with this mistress and she had to show him why he should never do it again. She held him in a sleeper hold and choke held him till he could not breathe properly. He had to beg for mercy

A mistress is going to show a slave a few very serious lessons when she is getting him on the ground for a choke hold. She found that using her arms and her legs to choke him out will make her feel really good. The slave is going to be pinned down and forced to deal with all of the pain of being choked and then some.

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