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When this mistress realized she was not making any headway with this loser, she chose to punish and humiliate him. She did so in a cruel way. She took him to the farm and she choked him with her feet. She crushed his throat with her high heels and she gagged him with her foot. She warned him never to take her for granted and told him he would have himself to blame if he did it again.

Mistress Treasure likes to humiliate guys for fun. She enjoys using her hands to choke them. She did not like how this guy humiliated her and looked down on her. So she taught him a lesson he will never forget for as long as he lives. She used her strong hands to strangle him and he peed on himself as he could not free himself from her vice like grip.

This mistress was broke and she knew she could make money from this guy. He was proud and he thought he could beat everyone. She was a tough girl skilled in martial arts so she challenged him. They bet some good money that whoever won would take it all. The guy doubled his because he knew he would not lose. But he did not anticipate her vice-like grip which he could not break free from. She choked him with her stranglehold and won all the money.

Mistress Tatianna caught this guy who broke into her house. She was tired and had slept for close to two days. He thought she was not at home and he broke into her house. She caught him and she punished him. She undressed him and she forced him to break his habit of stealing by choking him. She had a strong stranglehold on him and he could not break free.

Mistress Natalya sent her slave with strict instructions on what to bring her. But he brought back a totally different thing. He was gullible and was made to buy it and she did not need it. She did not know where to start with him. He could not take it back and she had no use for it. She punished him by strangling him with her bare feet and made him by what she wanted with his own money.

Mistress Kristina did not like how this guy treated her friend. He was a body builder and he thought he was stronger than her. She went to his house and told him never to do what he did again. He laughed at her condescendingly and she could not stomach it. She turned on him and head locked him and sleeper held him till he surrendered and pleaded with her to forgive him.

When mistress Onyx got a new slave, she told him what to do and what not to do. She was sweet to him and he liked it. But at the back of his mind, he wondered what she would do to him if he did what she told him not to do. So curiosity got the better of him and he disobeyed her. He saw her change and choke him and strangle him using her sleeper hold and choke hold and he begged her to let her go promising never to do it again.

Lady Sue took a bench and she placed it on her slave's neck and she sat on it. She choked her slave for a few seconds then released him. She then tied a rope to his neck and she pulled it as hard as she could. She also released him before he choked and lastly she used her heel to crush him and stepped on his neck using her knee.

This mistress wanted this guy to pay for his gym membership. He had always succeeded to threaten other employees but this new mistress would have none of it. He had to pay and when he tried to threaten her, she turned on him and she choked him. She held him in a vice like grip and he had to plead with her to let him go and promised to pay that same day.

This ebony mistress likes order and discipline. It is what has seen her run a successful gym for many years. When this guy came and tried to threaten the status quo, she punished him cruelly. She choked him using her head lock. She released him and to show him how weak he was, she sleeper held him and choke held him till he surrendered. He never bothered anyone ever again.

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