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This mistress did not like how bitchy her neighbor was. She wanted respect and she did not request for it. She forced her to give it. She went to her house and she did not say a word. She just strangled and choked her using her strong arms. She tried to break free but could not. She peed her pants as she was strangled and learned her lesson. She never messed with her again.

Whenever this mistress is mad, she usually has to beat up someone. When she was mad today, she chose to choke the guy who had pissed her. She was with her friend and the two of them humiliated the guy as cruelly as possible. He nearly passed out from all that they did to him and he but they did not care. They went on humiliating him without a care in the world.

Mistress Kristina wanted something from this guy. She knew there was no way he could give it to her. But she also knew he was a proud guy. So she took advantage of that and challenged him to a wrestling match. If she won, he had to give her the thing. He agreed and they wrestled hard and he was shocked when she held him in a vice like choke hold and he had to surrender.

Lady Melissa might look delicate, but she can be especially brutal and cruel when she wants to be. She has no patience today for disobedience, and displays her dominance over her slave by roughly straddling him while she places her strong hands around his neck. It's obvious that she enjoys choking her quarry, letting him know he has no chance against her feminine dark side. He won't disobey her again.

You would think a man could easily overpower a sexy little brunette like Shannon, but this loser soon falls victim to her awesome power. Her legs produce a sadistic stranglehold on her poor victim, crushing his torso with her insane muscles. If that weren't enough, she quickly positions him into a choke hold of immense power and humiliation, leaving him helpless and exhausted. Shannon knows no boundaries.

Mistress Katja doesn't like to punish her slave. She doesn't like to be disobeyed but when she has to punish, she loves to sit on him. She doesn't just sit, she sits so that she controls his breathing. She doesn't mind opening her legs and putting her ass on his throat, cutting his breath off. She strangles him with her hands. She enjoys sitting on his stomach and telling him how worthless he is when he is gasping for air.

Watch as the sexy Annabelle goes to town on this poor guy's throat. She'll use her feet, legs, hands, whatever it takes to get good leverage, and inflict as much pain as possible. He will struggle and cry out in pain, but that won't stop Annabelle. She's enjoying herself too much, and this guy is just so pathetic. Watch and see the extreme punishment Annabelle inflicts on him.

Lisa is going to have a good time strangling this poor bastard. She loves doing it, and has many techniques to use. She's put him in a headlock while covering his mouth, strangle him, and even sit right on his throat while covering his mouth. He can try to resist all he wants, and scream out in pain, but that won't stop Lisa from having her way with him.

Little Giselle has a great time trying to strangle the life out of this pathetic loser. She starts by sitting right on his throat with her beautiful ass and crotch. She uses her full body weight to inflict maximum punishment. Then she moves on to using her hands on his pathetic throat. The guy can struggle all he wants, but it's not going to stop Giselle from having her fun.

Watch as pornstar Aileen Taylor chokes and smothers this poor bastard. She'll go right for his throat and press with extreme force. This guy sits there and takes the whole thing no matter what Aileen Taylor does. She'll do the best to press the life out of him. Watch her getting really into it and watch as he does his best to take all of the punishment she dishes out.

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