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Lady Melissa might look delicate, but she can be especially brutal and cruel when she wants to be. She has no patience today for disobedience, and displays her dominance over her slave by roughly straddling him while she places her strong hands around his neck. It's obvious that she enjoys choking her quarry, letting him know he has no chance against her feminine dark side. He won't disobey her again.

Sexy blonde torture courtesy of Jeanette. Her domination is merciless as she sits on her helpless slave, crushing his throat with her jeans-clad ass. She spreads her long legs wide in her tight blue jeans to force him into the humiliation of having his face smashed into her crotch. She's sadistic in the way she takes pleasure in cutting off his air supply and holding him in position.

This blonde girl might look sweet, but she's as sadistic as they come. She's mercilessly cruel with her hands and feet, and then brings out even more punishment with a hula hoop and choke hold. She tortures his throat with the vice grip of both her hands and strong legs; this slave has no chance against her creative domination. Watch her laugh gleefully as she sits on his neck.

This blonde shows no mercy on this weak loser. He dares to wrestle with her and she makes short work of him. She gets him in several reverse headlocks and choke holds. She wraps her arms around his neck to get a really good grip. Then she squeezed and pulls his neck back trying to get him to pass out. These dangerous sleeper holds almost put this loser to sleep.

Sexy blonde Nikki dominates this loser slave on the wrestling mat. She wrestles around for a bit and slips behind him. She wraps her arms around his neck and squeezes hard with a painful sleeper hold. He starts to fade and she falls back so she can wrap his legs around his waist as well. She squeezes his neck and stomach hard and crushes his stomach between her sexy thighs.

This gorgeous but brutal blonde in black loves to feel her hands and arms wrap around a man's neck until he turns blue. This slave just takes the cruel punishment as she puts him in different positions so she can get a good strong hold and choke him until he fights for air. The sleeper hold is her favorite wrestling move and she masters it on one poor loser slave.

This blonde don't play around when it comes to domination. She gets the best of her slave right away and grabs him by the neck. He doesn't even try to fight because he knows he will be hurt worse if he does. She slips up behind him and puts him in a vicious sleeper hold. She squeezes his scrawny loser neck until it looks like his eyes are going to pop out.

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