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Sexy blonde torture courtesy of Jeanette. Her domination is merciless as she sits on her helpless slave, crushing his throat with her jeans-clad ass. She spreads her long legs wide in her tight blue jeans to force him into the humiliation of having his face smashed into her crotch. She's sadistic in the way she takes pleasure in cutting off his air supply and holding him in position.

When Jessica decides to play with her slave, she does it her way. She doesn't like to kick or hurt her slave with objects. She loves to use her strong legs to make sure he knows she is in control. She wraps her legs around his neck and chokes him. She loves watching his face go red. She changes her position and sometimes uses her knees to squeeze his neck as well. She loves controlling his breath for fun.

When Janine and Eleina get together, they are happy to play together. They call a slave to them and order him to the floor. After spending time deciding what they have to do, they both sit on his chest. They are happy to use their combined weights and hands to choke this helpless slave. They want to make him pass out and will choke him until he does pass out.

When this brunette babe calls her slave to her, she only wants to practice one hold. She enjoys being able to call her slave to her and leave him unconscious. She enjoys feeling him struggle to breathe under her arm and watching his complexion turn mottled and red. She loves being in control of his breathing and airways. She knows just what she likes and does it very well. She knows her slave hates it but she doesn't care about that.

When Aileen Taylor decides to sit, she calls her slave to her. She has already put him through a number of choke holds so now she can sit on him. She makes him lay down and she sits on his stomach. She scrubs her ass up and down his chest while her feet put pressure on his neck, choking him more. She enjoys her little games and watching his face turn red again.

Diana is a strong girl and she likes experiment her strength by choking guys. She invited this guy to her house and ended up choking him and strangling him with her feet as well as her hands

This mistress has different ways to strangle and choke her subjects. She knows the various ways and different positions which will make them submit easily and which are the most painful and they are the ones she likes to use

When Daidra comes home, she sometimes has to work off a little frustration. She takes her high heels off and calls her slave to her. She sits on his cock and puts her bare foot on his neck. She uses her other foot to pinch his nose and orders him to keep his mouth closed. She tells him what a frustrating day she has had and doesn't care that he can't breathe.

When Ariel decides to play, she wants to play with her new slave Steve. He doesn't know her and he wants to have some one on one time with her. She dresses in her leather thong and bra. She brings him to the wrestling mat and starts to wrestle with him. When she feels like he is getting too cocky, she starts to put him in different choke holds and choking him.

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