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This mistress has a passion for choking guys. She does not want to be or to appear vulnerable, so she always chokes guys. She's gotten so good at it that she does not even appear to break a sweat while she strangles guys

Diana is a strong girl and she likes experiment her strength by choking guys. She invited this guy to her house and ended up choking him and strangling him with her feet as well as her hands

This mistress has different ways to strangle and choke her subjects. She knows the various ways and different positions which will make them submit easily and which are the most painful and they are the ones she likes to use

When Maria comes home, she loves to practice her choke holds. Her slave hates this time of the day because he always ends up with a sore neck and he has lost some time. She changes into her thong and a tank top before calling him onto the mat. She is happy to get behind him and use her strong arms to put him into different choke holds. She loves watching him pass out after a good struggle.

When Ariel decides to play, she wants to play with her new slave Steve. He doesn't know her and he wants to have some one on one time with her. She dresses in her leather thong and bra. She brings him to the wrestling mat and starts to wrestle with him. When she feels like he is getting too cocky, she starts to put him in different choke holds and choking him.

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