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Mistress Amrita is a strong mistress even though she does not look like it. This guy came to learn that the hard way. She was minding her business and this guy came to try and mess with her. He did not know how to approach her so he tried to bully her. She was not scared. He tried again and she surprised him with a head lock and a choke hold that made him beg for mercy.

When she starts her day with a grappling session with her slave. She knows that her slave hates it but that is the only way to start her days properly. When she gets her slave on the floor, they wrestle around until she is sweaty. When she is ready to end the match, she puts him into a cobra choke hold. She holds him in the choke hold until he passes out. She puts him on the floor and walks away.

Steve didn't know his mistress learned a new strangle hold. When he went to the mat, she quickly got him down on the mat. When she had him in the perfect position, she swung around and put him in the new choke hold. She was on her toes, adding more pressure to his throat. He is strangling and she knows it. He doesn't like it but he has to submit to his mistress.

When this brunette babe calls her slave to her, she only wants to practice one hold. She enjoys being able to call her slave to her and leave him unconscious. She enjoys feeling him struggle to breathe under her arm and watching his complexion turn mottled and red. She loves being in control of his breathing and airways. She knows just what she likes and does it very well. She knows her slave hates it but she doesn't care about that.

Stella just learned about strangling her slave as a punishment. She didn't do it before but she took a class to learn how to do it right. As soon as she got home, she called her slave to her and put him on the floor. She was happy to strip down to her corset and panties. She sat on his chest and used her hands to choke him. She loved watching him gasp for breath.

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