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When this mistress realized she was not making any headway with this loser, she chose to punish and humiliate him. She did so in a cruel way. She took him to the farm and she choked him with her feet. She crushed his throat with her high heels and she gagged him with her foot. She warned him never to take her for granted and told him he would have himself to blame if he did it again.

Mistress Lea knows that the best punishment was to scare the shit out of a slave. That is what she taught her friend mistress Kitty. She choked the slave and he thought he was going to die and he got scared he almost shit his pants. Her friend saw how effective it was and she knew that mistress Lea knew what she was doing. She decided to do it herself.

Mistresses Kitty and Maeva wondered why they had a slave when all he did was eat and sleep. The house was untidy and he did not bother to clean it up. The mistresses had had enough of him and had to do something about it. They found him sleeping on the couch and they crushed him with their feet and strangled him with their hands and their feet till he gasped for air and promised to change.

Mistress Cynthia was used to humiliating loser and he wanted to humiliate this one. It had been long since she had done it and she felt like doing it again. So she took this loser to the back office of her store and she crushed and trampled him while wearing her sneakers. She choked him in the process but she let go just in time before she did a lot of damage to him.

Cynthia and Lea will show no mercy with these poor bastards. Watch as they savagely choke these two guys. They'll put them in different positions and use there feet, legs and hands to take the life out of these guys. They'll even use their full body weight. Cynthia and Lea don't care how much pain they're in. The two ladies are going to carry out their vicious torture no matter what.

Mistress Maeva clearly wants this slave to suffer. He is lucky to be touched by such a beautiful blonde goddess but it comes at the price of being choked repeatedly. She climbs all over him with her soft, tone and tan body and chokes him with her feet then wraps her legs around his neck in a strong in inescapable choke hold. Wrestling Mistress Maeva was a bad idea for this loser.

Mistress Kitty has very nice and sexy feet! And she loves to enjoy fresh air in the nature. But just relaxing isn't everything she has in mind. She also wants to play with her little pet. Her pathetic slave. He has to lay down on the dirty ground while she steps with her bare feet on his body. But then she starts to focus on his throat and head! She smothers him standing on his throat and also puts her other foot into his mouth! He cannot breath and also has to lick sweaty feet - how disgusting!

Mistress Lea really likes Christmas. She always celebrates the day and she also took on a nice Santa Claus costume. But her slave looks very lazy, isn't shaved enough and allover - doesn't celebrates the day like she does! So she has to show this idiot how to treat him correct! She brings him down on the ground and steps on his chest. She starts to trample him a little bit. Then she decides to focus on his throat. She steps with her heavy boots on his throat and he cannot breathe anymore. She keeps standing on him and also stomps on his face and his balls... Merry Christmas!

Mistress Maeva took her slave and went out into the park. It is a nice and warm day, the sun is shining. But she doesn't let him enjoy it. He has to lay down on the ground. Mistress Maeva steps on his chest and tramples his face. And she likes to choke him! So she puts down her hot feet onto his throat! And she gaggs his mouth to furhter punish him...!

Mistress Kitty is a hot model with long legs. It seems like they are reaching the sky! And she loves to use her legs and feet to punish a slave. And a willing slave is soon found - more or less willingly... He lies on the ground with a naked chest. Mistress Kitty steps on him and tramples his body. But then she moves on his throat and chokes him with her bare feet. He cannot breath anymore but the sadistic brat girl continues to torture him...

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