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Lady Kathrin is a sexy and very famous business woman. She always gets what she wants. One reason is that she is very persistent. The other reason is that she exactly knows how to treat men! This slave has to feel her treatment very soon. She brings him down on the ground with her hands and feet. She knees down on his throat so he cannot breathe anymore. But she won't stop until he has understand that he has to do whatever she wants him to do...!

Mistress Kitty is a hot model with long legs. It seems like they are reaching the sky! And she loves to use her legs and feet to punish a slave. And a willing slave is soon found - more or less willingly... He lies on the ground with a naked chest. Mistress Kitty steps on him and tramples his body. But then she moves on his throat and chokes him with her bare feet. He cannot breath anymore but the sadistic brat girl continues to torture him...

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