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This is one dom you don't want to piss off. She will show you no mercy as she punishes with her powerful hands and feet in different positions. Her pretty painted toenails dig into the throat of her slave, leaving him without breath control or dignity. this mighty brunette knows every torture trick to keep her property in its place. Strangling, choking, stomping are just appetizers for this brutal dom.

This sweet but strong wrestling slut shows no mercy to her slave when he dares to wrestle her. It's more like torture as she wraps her legs around his body squeezing him hard as she also wraps her arms around his neck and chokes him hard with a sleeper hold. He fights to breathe, but she squeezes tighter hoping that he will pass out. She is so beautiful but so cruel.

Mistress Maeva clearly wants this slave to suffer. He is lucky to be touched by such a beautiful blonde goddess but it comes at the price of being choked repeatedly. She climbs all over him with her soft, tone and tan body and chokes him with her feet then wraps her legs around his neck in a strong in inescapable choke hold. Wrestling Mistress Maeva was a bad idea for this loser.

Sweet Adriana might look sweet, but she is one cruel mistress who loves to tie men up and torture them. This loser slave keeps coming back for more because she's so hot. The helpless slave is bound while she chokes him hard with her hand then stands over him so she can choke him violently with her pretty feet. She crushes his throat with both her hands and feet until he turns blue.

Inessa is a really cute and beautiful lady. She is a little bit older than our other models but she also knows exactly how to treat a slave because of her experience! And she likes to use ropes to strangle her slaves! And this guy has to feel the power of her hands and a rope too. But she also uses her hands and her feet to choke and to punish him...!

Gia Primo fights this loser Steve. He thought he has a chance against this big breasted amazon but soon he had to find out that he is totally helpless! She uses both hands and arms, her legs and feet to prevent him from moving any more. But taking him the ability to move is not the only thing she likes to do. She wants to stop him from breathing! What a pity!

Jenny is a real sexy girl from Germany. She has an awesome body and I'm sure you want to touch her! This was exactly the same thing this guy tried! But now she will punish him and shows him what she likes to do with losers like him. She uses her hands to choke him and to prevent him from breathing. But she also uses her legs and feet. Also this guy is near to loose conscious he has to be a lucky guy too...!

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