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Sexy lace-up high heeled boots aren't just for fashion when Lady Sayas puts them on. She uses them in a most cruel and sadistic manner to torture and inflict pain upon her slave. When he still isn't submissive enough for her taste, she gets out the rope to finalize any questions about who's the boss. This loser stands no chance against the sharp heel of her boots on his face and neck.

When Jasmina Sun tells her slave that she is going to strangle him, she means it. She is a woman of simple pleasures and that is one of them. She dresses for her sessions. She loves wearing leather bras and boots with her little denim shorts. When she sits on her slave, she wants him to smell her pussy. She makes him lick and suck the heel of her boots before she wraps the rope around his neck. As she is taunting him, she tightens the rope, strangling him.

When Mistress Lisa has to punish her slave, she uses rope to do it. She pushes her slave on the floor and ties her rope around his neck. She tells him what a pitiful slave he is and how she doesn't respect him as a man. As she insults him, she tightens the rope around his neck, strangling him. She loves watching his face turn colors and listening to him gasp for breath.

When Mistress Katja comes home to find her slave talking to another woman on the phone, she grabs her rope. She confronts him and chokes him with her hand first. When his neck is exposed, she wraps her rope around him and is happy to start pulling it tight. She orders him to the floor and she starts to choke him with the rope, pulling tighter and tighter. She knows that he doesn't like it but there is nothing he can do about it.

The sexy but cruel Sado Sisters have taken the slave into their apartment and want to show him what they think of him. They bring him down on the ground and use every tool they find to further increase his punishment. With a rope they bind his neck, with their boots they trample him, with their hands they choke him and shut his nose tight. The slave gets the whole nine yards!

Stop it! What do you think...!? You are not allowed to breathe my air! This is my air and it's exclusive to me! You won't stop...? So I have to take care on myself... I put my hands on your mouth and shut your nose also tight. How does it feel? I want to see your head turning blue! And to further humiliate you my girlfriend is behind the camera and laughs about you - This was so much fun...! :-D

Inessa is a really cute and beautiful lady. She is a little bit older than our other models but she also knows exactly how to treat a slave because of her experience! And she likes to use ropes to strangle her slaves! And this guy has to feel the power of her hands and a rope too. But she also uses her hands and her feet to choke and to punish him...!

These girls are really nasty and cruel! They like to play with their slaves and punish them as much as they can. This time Mistress Katja uses a rope to tie his hands and to stop him from defending. Then they use their hot bodies, their hands, their feet and everything they can afford to choke him and to take his ability to breath. From time to time they show mercy and let him breath - but only to extend their cruel game...!

Vanessa is a really sexy lady. She is sweet and cute - but sadistic and cruel too! And the slave guy also has to realize that he went to the wrong place. Vanessa chokes him with her hands so that he cannot breath anymore. Later on she uses a rope, puts it above his head and starts to strangle him with the rope. The guy can't escape and has to stay the cruel treatment of Vanessa

Lili has heard about something real cruel. And it seems that Leaation is the girl who caused all of her trouble. But first she has to be sure that it was her fault! So she uses all her sadistic power to make her speak! But this bitch tries to resist! So she has to increase the pressure - and use a rope! Now she strangles her with it and orders her to tell the truth! IF she can tell anything...

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