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Lili is back! She is the new leather and choking queen! She wears a hot black dress and the tight leathers encloses her perfect body. Her victim Lea also wears a hot black dress - but she has no chance! With a rope she chokes her until this piece of human meat stops resisting her and looses conscious. Lili the leather queen won one more time - for now...? Find out soon!

Lili has heard about something real cruel. And it seems that Leaation is the girl who caused all of her trouble. But first she has to be sure that it was her fault! So she uses all her sadistic power to make her speak! But this bitch tries to resist! So she has to increase the pressure - and use a rope! Now she strangles her with it and orders her to tell the truth! IF she can tell anything...

Lili is a hitwoman. And she has a new and secret mission: Eliminate the brat blonde Senka. She is near her house and is going to enter the apartment. Because this is an undercover mission she wears black leather gloves. And now it is time to bring it to an end. She chokes Senka and prevents her from breathing! She strangles her with her hands and is going to eliminate her to finish the mission... Find out whether the mission was a success or a failure...!

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