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Sexy lace-up high heeled boots aren't just for fashion when Lady Sayas puts them on. She uses them in a most cruel and sadistic manner to torture and inflict pain upon her slave. When he still isn't submissive enough for her taste, she gets out the rope to finalize any questions about who's the boss. This loser stands no chance against the sharp heel of her boots on his face and neck.

Arms and imagination are all this beautiful dom needs to control her slave. Her powerful muscles wrap around his neck until his face turns red from near strangulation. Pain and humiliation have never looked as hot as when this brunette mistress of mayhem doles it out. She is brutal in her abuse of his throat and spirit, and he stands no chance of escaping her sadistic whims.

This hot brunette is very strong so this slave doesn't stand a chance. He crawls on a wrestling mat with her and she renders him helpless right away. She gets him in choke holds, reverse scissor holds and sleeper holds. All of the moves are meant to dominate him and choke him. She tortures him with all her most painful moves and just keeps squeezing when he loses his breath.

This beautiful brunette is just as deadly as she is pretty. Once she gets this slave in a sleeper hold, she just keeps squeezing. He starts to choke and fight for breath so she squeezes harder. She tightens the sleeper hold until the slave's body goes limp. This brutal domination is hard to watch at points because this brunette abuses this slave and knocks him out with her deadly sleeper hold.

Short haired brunette is cute, but she is also very strong. She dominates this loser and abuses him with no problem. She gets behind him and puts him in a sleeper hold. She chokes him hard until he falls over and she wraps her legs around his waist to get a tighter hold on him and just keeps choking. His face turns red and this brutal brunette just squeezes harder.

This very cute and muscular brunette doesn't even give this slave a chance when they start a wrestling match. She immediately wraps her arm around his throat in a tight headlock. He moans with pain and fights for breath, but she just keeps choking him. She squeezes as hard as she can and crushes his head until he almost goes to sleep. This dominating brunette gave this slave no chance.

This loser slave should have never went out on the wrestling mat with this brunette bruiser. She gives him no chance by attacking him right away and choking him hard. She wraps her legs around his body and locks them together so she can get better leverage and strangles him with a brutal sleeper hold. He fights to escape, but he is smothering from her strong choke hold she has around his neck.

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