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Madame Marissa had nothing to lose as she had already been fired. So she took out her anger and frustration on her boss the way she had been meaning to do prior to her firing. She choked him with her hands and she also did it with a rope and with her boots. When she was done, she left the ex boss, who had shit on himself, lying on the floor.

Madame Marissa had given this contractor some work to do for her but she did not like the end product. She had paid him but he did not meet her expectations and she did not hide her disappointment. When he refused to make the changes she wanted, she used her choking femdom to teach him a lesson and by the time she was done choking him, he had agreed to make the changes and at no added cost.

Madame Marissa wanted her money back but her debtor did not want to give her back the money he had borrowed. She felt like he was messing with her and she had given him more than enough time for him to refund the money. The guy did not and she had no choice but to punish him. She did this by choking him and she let the pain and humiliation do the talking.

Madame Marissa strangled this loser because of the poor work he had done. She is a perfectionist and she does not tolerate anyone messing with her. She crushed his neck with her foot and she also used a rope to strangle him. He was in pain besides the fact that he was choking. He almost peed his pants and begged her tearfully to let him go. She did because she felt he had learned his lesson.

Madame Marissa was not pleased with how much of a loudmouth her slave was. His mouth did not have a brake. He talked about everything and anything. She is a private person and did not want her private affairs being other people's business. So she choked him as a way to let him know that if he talked, he would have to deal with the consequences. Slowly by slowly, he began to change.

Madame Marissa stepped on her slave's neck with her boots to teach him a lesson. She also used her bare hands to crush his neck and make him scream in pain and gasp for air as he could not breathe properly. She was mad at him for poking his nose in her affairs and she did not want him to do it again, hence why she brutally punished and tortured him.

Madame Marissa was not happy with her slave for ignoring her instructions. He had committed a mistake and had to pay for it. She made him pay for it by trampling him and forcing him to lick her ass as she smothered his head with it. She nearly choked him by facesitting on him but she also choked him using a string which she tied on his neck and pulled.

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