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When Mistress Lisa has to punish her slave, she uses rope to do it. She pushes her slave on the floor and ties her rope around his neck. She tells him what a pitiful slave he is and how she doesn't respect him as a man. As she insults him, she tightens the rope around his neck, strangling him. She loves watching his face turn colors and listening to him gasp for breath.

When Mistress Katja comes home to find her slave talking to another woman on the phone, she grabs her rope. She confronts him and chokes him with her hand first. When his neck is exposed, she wraps her rope around him and is happy to start pulling it tight. She orders him to the floor and she starts to choke him with the rope, pulling tighter and tighter. She knows that he doesn't like it but there is nothing he can do about it.

When Punk Lady comes home to find her slave being disrespectful about her music choices, she has to teach him that punk has power. She chains him up and is happy to push him to the floor. She straddles him and starts to choke him. She presses her full weight into his throat as she squeezes. There is no letting up. She wants him to learn to respect her life.

Mistress Katja strangles her slave like usual, but this time she really wants him to feel the punishment of her domination. She puts one leg up on his neck and sits down with her full weight strangling him like the sadistic mistress that she is. He almost passes out from this brutal punishment she subjects him to, but she just keeps choking him and shows no remorse for torturing this helpless loser slave.

This gorgeous but brutal blonde in black loves to feel her hands and arms wrap around a man's neck until he turns blue. This slave just takes the cruel punishment as she puts him in different positions so she can get a good strong hold and choke him until he fights for air. The sleeper hold is her favorite wrestling move and she masters it on one poor loser slave.

There she is back again! Mistress Katja liked it very much to smother the slave last time so she decided to do it one more time! The slave has to lay down on the sofa so she has full control of his body! His will is already broken so she doesn't need a rope or something else this time - only her hands and body! She sits down on his throat with her sexy jeans ass. He has big problems to breath but she won't stop now. Instead she also uses her hands to grab his throat and strangle him...!

Maria is back! And she only wants to do one thing: Punish loser guys! And this guy is a really big loser! She brings him soon down on the ground and uses her muscles to stop him from standing up again. Her arms look soo strong! But also look at her back! It seems that every part of her body is full of muscles! This poor guy has no chance to escape her...!

Sergeant Emily is a very dominant chief. And she is awaiting the new report. Her female cadet brings her the new report but it took way to long! So Emily immediately starts to punish this useless piece of shit! And she believes that choking her and sit down on her face is a very good way to start with! She will teach her what it means to be a good cadet!

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