Choking Femdom

Watch dominant ladies choking

When Robin decides that she wants to work out again, she wants to do it at home. There is nothing that feels better than wrestling a slave for a work out. When it's time to work her arms more intensely, she is happy to put her slave into a choke hold. It's the strongest hold that she knows. It's also how she punishes her slave when he has been very disrespectful to her on the wrestling mat.

When she is ready to bring another woman into the world of choke holds, she uses a video to introduce them. She is happy to tell women how easy it is to dominate their slaves with a choke hold. She calls her slave to her and walks them through how to properly talk to their slave as they put into the hold. In the video she is happy to choke her slave until he passes out.

When she starts her day with a grappling session with her slave. She knows that her slave hates it but that is the only way to start her days properly. When she gets her slave on the floor, they wrestle around until she is sweaty. When she is ready to end the match, she puts him into a cobra choke hold. She holds him in the choke hold until he passes out. She puts him on the floor and walks away.

Watch the cute Vanessa have some playful fun with this big loser. She uses her high hell boots to crush his throat to start. She moves on to toying with him using her leg. Then she gets serious again using her hands to strangle the life out of him. She loves watching him struggle so much she laughs at him. Watch as Vanessa chokes the life out of him with joy.

Watch as the sexy Annabelle goes to town on this poor guy's throat. She'll use her feet, legs, hands, whatever it takes to get good leverage, and inflict as much pain as possible. He will struggle and cry out in pain, but that won't stop Annabelle. She's enjoying herself too much, and this guy is just so pathetic. Watch and see the extreme punishment Annabelle inflicts on him.

Lisa is going to have a good time strangling this poor bastard. She loves doing it, and has many techniques to use. She's put him in a headlock while covering his mouth, strangle him, and even sit right on his throat while covering his mouth. He can try to resist all he wants, and scream out in pain, but that won't stop Lisa from having her way with him.

Little Giselle has a great time trying to strangle the life out of this pathetic loser. She starts by sitting right on his throat with her beautiful ass and crotch. She uses her full body weight to inflict maximum punishment. Then she moves on to using her hands on his pathetic throat. The guy can struggle all he wants, but it's not going to stop Giselle from having her fun.

Cynthia and Lea will show no mercy with these poor bastards. Watch as they savagely choke these two guys. They'll put them in different positions and use there feet, legs and hands to take the life out of these guys. They'll even use their full body weight. Cynthia and Lea don't care how much pain they're in. The two ladies are going to carry out their vicious torture no matter what.

Watch as pornstar Aileen Taylor chokes and smothers this poor bastard. She'll go right for his throat and press with extreme force. This guy sits there and takes the whole thing no matter what Aileen Taylor does. She'll do the best to press the life out of him. Watch her getting really into it and watch as he does his best to take all of the punishment she dishes out.

Stella is having so much fun tormenting this pathetic loser of a slave. He's powerless under the power of her beautiful legs. He can resist as much as he want, but that won't stop Stella from choking the life out of him. She'll even close his nose to stop him from moving. How much extreme torture can this slave take before he's completely unconscious. Watch and see for yourself.

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