Choking Femdom

Watch dominant ladies choking

This ebony mistress likes order and discipline. It is what has seen her run a successful gym for many years. When this guy came and tried to threaten the status quo, she punished him cruelly. She choked him using her head lock. She released him and to show him how weak he was, she sleeper held him and choke held him till he surrendered. He never bothered anyone ever again.

Mistress Anna enjoys it when she is right. This guy had bragged about how right he was and how wrong she was. He called her names and she kept quiet till it was proven beyond reasonable doubt that she was right. Then she began her punishment. She crushed his neck and she forced him to apologize. He did not want to apologize but he was nearly choking so he did it.

This mistress had a bet with this guy. She told him he could not break free from her choke hold. He bet her some money that if he would not break free from her choke hold, he would give it to her. She laughed at the easy money and she choked him. He thought that was an easy task but panicked when he was not able to break free from her vice like grip and he nearly choked.

Mistress Cynthia was used to humiliating loser and he wanted to humiliate this one. It had been long since she had done it and she felt like doing it again. So she took this loser to the back office of her store and she crushed and trampled him while wearing her sneakers. She choked him in the process but she let go just in time before she did a lot of damage to him.

Mistress Sibilla likes to crush and to choke. Today she was doing both. She used her bare feet to crush this slave's neck. In so doing, she choked him and he nearly passed out before she let him go. She was mad at him and she wanted him to learn his lesson the hard way so that he would not be tempted to do the same thing again. He learned.

Madame Marissa was not happy with her slave for ignoring her instructions. He had committed a mistake and had to pay for it. She made him pay for it by trampling him and forcing him to lick her ass as she smothered his head with it. She nearly choked him by facesitting on him but she also choked him using a string which she tied on his neck and pulled.

Lady Melissa might look delicate, but she can be especially brutal and cruel when she wants to be. She has no patience today for disobedience, and displays her dominance over her slave by roughly straddling him while she places her strong hands around his neck. It's obvious that she enjoys choking her quarry, letting him know he has no chance against her feminine dark side. He won't disobey her again.

She only lets her slave breath with her permission. Her ass in a black thong is a sight to behold, especially when she squats over this loser guy, smothering his face with her ass and pussy, and then wrestling him around for even more abuse. The choke hold is one of her specialties, but she'll also use other forms of strangling to keep him under her complete control.

Ever wanted a hot brunette wrapped around you? Be careful what you wish for, because Ko will wrap her awesomely strong and muscled legs around her victims and not let go until she's good and ready, which takes awhile. She ruthless uses her arms and legs to strangle her slave, putting intense pressure on this throat until he nearly goes unconscious in her sadistic grasp. She is a cruel mistress.

Sexy lace-up high heeled boots aren't just for fashion when Lady Sayas puts them on. She uses them in a most cruel and sadistic manner to torture and inflict pain upon her slave. When he still isn't submissive enough for her taste, she gets out the rope to finalize any questions about who's the boss. This loser stands no chance against the sharp heel of her boots on his face and neck.

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