Choking Femdom

Watch dominant ladies choking

Stella just learned about strangling her slave as a punishment. She didn't do it before but she took a class to learn how to do it right. As soon as she got home, she called her slave to her and put him on the floor. She was happy to strip down to her corset and panties. She sat on his chest and used her hands to choke him. She loved watching him gasp for breath.

At least once a day, she will pin her slave do the wall or she will pull him onto the wrestling mat. She loves using her strength against him and putting him into different choke holds. She enjoys watching him struggle against her and losing. As she chokes or strangles him, she tells him how much of a wimp he is. She tells him that he doesn't deserve to be called a man.

When Maria is home with her slaves, she has to show them who is in control. She works out a lot and can overpower her male slaves quite easily. She calls her slave to her and is happy to take him to the mat. She uses her strength and skill to put her slave into a choke hold. She enjoys the way that he struggles against her before she knocks him out.

When Mistress Lisa has to punish her slave, she uses rope to do it. She pushes her slave on the floor and ties her rope around his neck. She tells him what a pitiful slave he is and how she doesn't respect him as a man. As she insults him, she tightens the rope around his neck, strangling him. She loves watching his face turn colors and listening to him gasp for breath.

When Jennifer is feeling feisty, she puts on her bikini and invites her slave to wrestle with her. She loves feeling him wrestle with him. When she pins him, she binds his hands together and then puts him into different choke holds. She is happy to listen to him struggle to breathe. She enjoys being able to put him to sleep when she wants. She uses her arms and legs to try different choke holds.

When Maria comes home, she loves to practice her choke holds. Her slave hates this time of the day because he always ends up with a sore neck and he has lost some time. She changes into her thong and a tank top before calling him onto the mat. She is happy to get behind him and use her strong arms to put him into different choke holds. She loves watching him pass out after a good struggle.

When Daidra comes home, she sometimes has to work off a little frustration. She takes her high heels off and calls her slave to her. She sits on his cock and puts her bare foot on his neck. She uses her other foot to pinch his nose and orders him to keep his mouth closed. She tells him what a frustrating day she has had and doesn't care that he can't breathe.

When Mistress Katja comes home to find her slave talking to another woman on the phone, she grabs her rope. She confronts him and chokes him with her hand first. When his neck is exposed, she wraps her rope around him and is happy to start pulling it tight. She orders him to the floor and she starts to choke him with the rope, pulling tighter and tighter. She knows that he doesn't like it but there is nothing he can do about it.

When Nikki Fierce teaches a class of slaves, she knows she will have one asshole that tries to disrespect her. She invites him to her wrestling mat and starts to wrestle with him. She doesn't allow him to win. Instead, she puts him in a choke hold and tells him that she is going to put him to sleep. As she tightens her choke hold, she tells her class what a big bitch he is.

When Punk Lady comes home to find her slave being disrespectful about her music choices, she has to teach him that punk has power. She chains him up and is happy to push him to the floor. She straddles him and starts to choke him. She presses her full weight into his throat as she squeezes. There is no letting up. She wants him to learn to respect her life.

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