Choking Femdom

Watch dominant ladies choking

Amber is a very muscular female wrestler! She weight 215 lbs - and every part of her body consists of pure muscles! And she knows how to use them. Steve will realize very soon that he has an opponent he cannot beat! Instead Amber really fast takes over control and applies some really nasty sleeper holds. She grabs his neck and doesn't loose her choke. Steve tries to free himself but she gives him no chance...!

Michelle K. is unbelievable hot! She has nice long, blonde hair and a fucking hot body too! Her breasts are well proportioned and she knows how to bring them in scene. But her most cruel weapons are her hands! She puts them at the throat of her slave. He cannot escape - and he cannot breath anymore too! But at least he has a nice view while slowly fading away because of too less air...

What a pity! Dixie Comet's friend really questioned the strength of her thighs! That is a big mistake he made! But he will pay soon... Dixie Comet is really angry and so she decides to show him how much power she has! She puts his head between her thighs. The head scissoring is very effective! He cannot breath anymore and one thing is sure: She HAS lot of power in her thighs... and he will never question it again... IF he has the chance to do so...

Ariel is a sexy woman. She has a perfect body and her ass and tits looks awesome! But she has also another side... her dark side! She is sadistic and cruel and likes to torture men! Steve has the bad luck that he is in her range - and of course she immediately starts to treat him like shit! She brings him down on the mat and puts his head between her arms. She squeezes every bit of air out of his lungs. It doesn't look very well for Steve...

Mistress Katja is back - and she is angry! Her Slave has to take a new lesson! She has tied his hands with a rope so that he cannot move anymore. But this is only the beginning. Now he is defenseless and she can do whatever she wants. She uses her whole body to strangle and choke him as much as she can! She puts her feet at his throat so he cannot breathe anymore... But her jeans ass and her hands also smother him as much as she can...!

Mistress Lea really likes Christmas. She always celebrates the day and she also took on a nice Santa Claus costume. But her slave looks very lazy, isn't shaved enough and allover - doesn't celebrates the day like she does! So she has to show this idiot how to treat him correct! She brings him down on the ground and steps on his chest. She starts to trample him a little bit. Then she decides to focus on his throat. She steps with her heavy boots on his throat and he cannot breathe anymore. She keeps standing on him and also stomps on his face and his balls... Merry Christmas!

It was a nice day for Steve. But then he met Jennifer! The cruel girl knows some really nasty techniques! She easily subdues him. Steve doesn't try to escape now because he has realized that it makes things even worse... So he only can hope that she stops punishing him. But this won't happen soon! She grabs his neck and chokes him with full power. His head turns dark red - even before he looses his conscious...

Lady Kathrin is a sexy and very famous business woman. She always gets what she wants. One reason is that she is very persistent. The other reason is that she exactly knows how to treat men! This slave has to feel her treatment very soon. She brings him down on the ground with her hands and feet. She knees down on his throat so he cannot breathe anymore. But she won't stop until he has understand that he has to do whatever she wants him to do...!

The slave realizes that he is in danger - but it's too late! Breanna stands behind him and starts choking him. The slave tries to find out the reason why she is treating him like shit. But Breanna answers that she does it only for fun! The slave looks so pathetic! She continues and uses a cable to strangle him even harder! The slave starts losing conscious but she won't stop until the job is done...!

The sexy but cruel Sado Sisters have taken the slave into their apartment and want to show him what they think of him. They bring him down on the ground and use every tool they find to further increase his punishment. With a rope they bind his neck, with their boots they trample him, with their hands they choke him and shut his nose tight. The slave gets the whole nine yards!

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