Choking Femdom

Watch dominant ladies choking

Steve is no match for this dangerously strong brunette. She tolerates no foolishness from her slave, and doesn't waste time showing him that she's in complete control. She ruthless clenches his head and throat between her rock hard thighs, and then chokes him tirelessly before he can even catch his breath. She is one dangerous dom, and readily administers severe punishment to anyone foolish enough to challenge her strength.

Poor Steve has no chance against the cruel whims of Liz, a hot blonde with penchant for different forms of torture and strangling. She metes out her punishment quickly and brutally, and it doesn't take long to see her sadistic side come out. Her domination over her defenseless slave is awesome in its violence, and she uses her strong arms and legs to easily wrestle Steve into submission.

This is one dom you don't want to piss off. She will show you no mercy as she punishes with her powerful hands and feet in different positions. Her pretty painted toenails dig into the throat of her slave, leaving him without breath control or dignity. this mighty brunette knows every torture trick to keep her property in its place. Strangling, choking, stomping are just appetizers for this brutal dom.

This blonde mistress is one of those girls your mother should have warned you about. She expertly forces her slave into a choke hold after forcing numerous positions of humiliation upon him using her gloved hands and stocking covered crotch. She's sexy as hell as she uses torture against her defenseless prey, taking delight at being cruel and preventing him from breathing using her strong hands and legs.

You would think a man could easily overpower a sexy little brunette like Shannon, but this loser soon falls victim to her awesome power. Her legs produce a sadistic stranglehold on her poor victim, crushing his torso with her insane muscles. If that weren't enough, she quickly positions him into a choke hold of immense power and humiliation, leaving him helpless and exhausted. Shannon knows no boundaries.

This blonde girl might look sweet, but she's as sadistic as they come. She's mercilessly cruel with her hands and feet, and then brings out even more punishment with a hula hoop and choke hold. She tortures his throat with the vice grip of both her hands and strong legs; this slave has no chance against her creative domination. Watch her laugh gleefully as she sits on his neck.

This extremely hot girl gets very extreme when she dominates her slaves. She loves to humiliate them on the wrestling mat with her strength. She starts facesitting on him and smothering him by pushing his face into her pussy. She gets him in a choke hold as well to make him feel pain. She throws him down and sits on his stomach. She starts choking him until he can't breathe.

This hot brunette is very strong so this slave doesn't stand a chance. He crawls on a wrestling mat with her and she renders him helpless right away. She gets him in choke holds, reverse scissor holds and sleeper holds. All of the moves are meant to dominate him and choke him. She tortures him with all her most painful moves and just keeps squeezing when he loses his breath.

Lady Saya is a dominating brunette who is very cruel to her slaves. She makes this slave lie in the floor and holds his wrists so he can't move. She starts facesitting on him and smothering him with her ass. She turns around in both positions and dominates him with facesitting and chokes him until he can't breathe. She loves choking her slaves until they lose breath and she just laughs about it.

This blonde shows no mercy on this weak loser. He dares to wrestle with her and she makes short work of him. She gets him in several reverse headlocks and choke holds. She wraps her arms around his neck to get a really good grip. Then she squeezed and pulls his neck back trying to get him to pass out. These dangerous sleeper holds almost put this loser to sleep.

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