Choking Femdom

Watch dominant ladies choking

This mistress was fed up with how needy her slave was. She wanted him to learn to do his own things. She did not want a needy person in her house so she gave him a warning. She did it by facesitting on him and and making him lick and smell her pussy and her ass. In addition, she covered his face and his nose and he nearly choked her.

Mistress Kristina did not like how this guy treated her friend. He was a body builder and he thought he was stronger than her. She went to his house and told him never to do what he did again. He laughed at her condescendingly and she could not stomach it. She turned on him and head locked him and sleeper held him till he surrendered and pleaded with her to forgive him.

Mistress Katja had left her slave an assignment she needed completed by the end of the day. She was more than generous with the time but by the time she came back home, he had not even started. She was speechless and did not know what to say to him. She ended up not saying anything to him but punishing him instead. She crushed him with her ass and tied a rope on his neck and strangled him painfully.

Mistress Amrita is a strong mistress even though she does not look like it. This guy came to learn that the hard way. She was minding her business and this guy came to try and mess with her. He did not know how to approach her so he tried to bully her. She was not scared. He tried again and she surprised him with a head lock and a choke hold that made him beg for mercy.

When mistress Onyx got a new slave, she told him what to do and what not to do. She was sweet to him and he liked it. But at the back of his mind, he wondered what she would do to him if he did what she told him not to do. So curiosity got the better of him and he disobeyed her. He saw her change and choke him and strangle him using her sleeper hold and choke hold and he begged her to let her go promising never to do it again.

Lady Saya did not want any problems with her slave. She told him everything up front and she warned him against testing her patience. He thought she was joking so she proved to him she was not joking. She used her high heels to crush his neck and to choke him. She forced him to endure the pain and humiliation and warned him that he should never do it again.

Lady Sue took a bench and she placed it on her slave's neck and she sat on it. She choked her slave for a few seconds then released him. She then tied a rope to his neck and she pulled it as hard as she could. She also released him before he choked and lastly she used her heel to crush him and stepped on his neck using her knee.

This mistress was in the mood to humiliate. She only needed a small reason to punish this guy and he gave it to her. She took it and she used it to humiliate and degrade him. She forced him to lick her feet and she used the same feet to choke him and strangle him. She also facesat on him and he nearly passed out as he covered his nose and his mouth.

This mistress wanted this guy to pay for his gym membership. He had always succeeded to threaten other employees but this new mistress would have none of it. He had to pay and when he tried to threaten her, she turned on him and she choked him. She held him in a vice like grip and he had to plead with her to let him go and promised to pay that same day.

Madame Marissa stepped on her slave's neck with her boots to teach him a lesson. She also used her bare hands to crush his neck and make him scream in pain and gasp for air as he could not breathe properly. She was mad at him for poking his nose in her affairs and she did not want him to do it again, hence why she brutally punished and tortured him.

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