Choking Femdom

Watch dominant ladies choking

Aileen Taylor is new to smothering and choking her slave. She has to find something she is comfortable with and learn how to do it well. She sits on her slave and leans over him. She slowly starts to smother him with her big tits. She enjoys his panting breath on her tits. She doesn't want to hurt him but she enjoys the way that tit smothering feels. She loves controlling his breath.

When Skylar Rene decides to choke, she does it with gusto. She puts on a pair of tiny bikini bottoms and a work out top so that her slave can be distracted by the way her body feels against his. She puts her slave into different strangle and choke holds, loving the way he pants for breath. She knows that her slave will not be able to breathe without her permission and that turns her on.

When Janine and Eleina get together, they are happy to play together. They call a slave to them and order him to the floor. After spending time deciding what they have to do, they both sit on his chest. They are happy to use their combined weights and hands to choke this helpless slave. They want to make him pass out and will choke him until he does pass out.

Steve didn't know his mistress learned a new strangle hold. When he went to the mat, she quickly got him down on the mat. When she had him in the perfect position, she swung around and put him in the new choke hold. She was on her toes, adding more pressure to his throat. He is strangling and she knows it. He doesn't like it but he has to submit to his mistress.

When this brunette babe calls her slave to her, she only wants to practice one hold. She enjoys being able to call her slave to her and leave him unconscious. She enjoys feeling him struggle to breathe under her arm and watching his complexion turn mottled and red. She loves being in control of his breathing and airways. She knows just what she likes and does it very well. She knows her slave hates it but she doesn't care about that.

When Aileen Taylor decides to sit, she calls her slave to her. She has already put him through a number of choke holds so now she can sit on him. She makes him lay down and she sits on his stomach. She scrubs her ass up and down his chest while her feet put pressure on his neck, choking him more. She enjoys her little games and watching his face turn red again.

When Steve goes to the mat with his mistress, he didn't think she would put him in the hold that he would be in. She wrestled her arrogant slave down to the ground and locks his arms under her thigh. She then puts him in a choke hold that he can't break. She enjoys watching him struggle and gasp for breath. Steve knows he is going to pass out and can't stop it from happening.

When Maria learns the power of sleeper holds, she starts to practice. She grabs her biggest slave to start practicing with and learns how to do them right. She loves watching this big powerful man turn red and lose consciousness because she is choking him. She loves watching him pass out at her feet and not regain consciousness for a few seconds. It's her joy and her passion right now.

When Eleonore comes home, she only has one thing on her mind. She wants to relax and talk through her day. She calls her slave over to the bench and he assumes the position. She sits on his chest and starts to choke him with her hands. As she chokes him, she is happy to tell him all about her day. When she starts to pull his hair, she knows she is done.

When Tomiko gets onto the wrestling mat, her slave Steve knows that he will have a mighty hard fight to stay out of her choke holds. When he gets put in different choke holds, Tomiko laughs at him. After making him turn red 3 times already, she goes for the fourth and final choke hold. She chokes and pins him down until he manages to beg for release. She loves her cruel games.

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