Choking Femdom

Watch dominant ladies choking

Ariel is strong and this loser did not know it. When he messed up with her, he was surprised when she strangles and beat the crap out of him

Lady Manon wanted to prove her dominance and power over this loser so she strangled him with a rope, smothered his face with her ass and tried to choke him with her feet

Goldie is a strong woman. And she likes to prove her strength against men. Steve thought he'd handle her but was surprised when she choked, strangled and beat the hell out of him

This mistress has a passion for choking guys. She does not want to be or to appear vulnerable, so she always chokes guys. She's gotten so good at it that she does not even appear to break a sweat while she strangles guys

Diana is a strong girl and she likes experiment her strength by choking guys. She invited this guy to her house and ended up choking him and strangling him with her feet as well as her hands

This mistress has different ways to strangle and choke her subjects. She knows the various ways and different positions which will make them submit easily and which are the most painful and they are the ones she likes to use

This mistress bet her friend that she could wrestle him till he begged for mercy. He agreed and was surprised when she held him in a sleeper hold and a head scissor till his only choice was an embarrassing submission

Lady Kim wanted her boyfriend to screw her well, but he did a lousy job. So she punished him with a choke hold that he could not free himself from. He learnt that her needs have to be met

This guy messed with this mistress and she had to show him why he should never do it again. She held him in a sleeper hold and choke held him till he could not breathe properly. He had to beg for mercy

Choke holds and head scissors are this mistress's specialities. She knows strangle and choke a guy to submission. She does not play around and whenever she gets the chance she likes to prove how strong she is against guys

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