Choking Femdom

Watch dominant ladies choking

When Mistress Katja comes home to find her slave talking to another woman on the phone, she grabs her rope. She confronts him and chokes him with her hand first. When his neck is exposed, she wraps her rope around him and is happy to start pulling it tight. She orders him to the floor and she starts to choke him with the rope, pulling tighter and tighter. She knows that he doesn't like it but there is nothing he can do about it.

When Nikki Fierce teaches a class of slaves, she knows she will have one asshole that tries to disrespect her. She invites him to her wrestling mat and starts to wrestle with him. She doesn't allow him to win. Instead, she puts him in a choke hold and tells him that she is going to put him to sleep. As she tightens her choke hold, she tells her class what a big bitch he is.

When Punk Lady comes home to find her slave being disrespectful about her music choices, she has to teach him that punk has power. She chains him up and is happy to push him to the floor. She straddles him and starts to choke him. She presses her full weight into his throat as she squeezes. There is no letting up. She wants him to learn to respect her life.

When Ariel decides to play, she wants to play with her new slave Steve. He doesn't know her and he wants to have some one on one time with her. She dresses in her leather thong and bra. She brings him to the wrestling mat and starts to wrestle with him. When she feels like he is getting too cocky, she starts to put him in different choke holds and choking him.

Mistress Katja strangles her slave like usual, but this time she really wants him to feel the punishment of her domination. She puts one leg up on his neck and sits down with her full weight strangling him like the sadistic mistress that she is. He almost passes out from this brutal punishment she subjects him to, but she just keeps choking him and shows no remorse for torturing this helpless loser slave.

This loser slave should have never went out on the wrestling mat with this brunette bruiser. She gives him no chance by attacking him right away and choking him hard. She wraps her legs around his body and locks them together so she can get better leverage and strangles him with a brutal sleeper hold. He fights to escape, but he is smothering from her strong choke hold she has around his neck.

Sexy Lady Malu dresses in a sweet little sun dress but there is nothing sweet about what she does to her slave when they are wrestling. She brutally chokes him with her hands and gets him down then stands on his throat with her sexy bare feet. She continues to torture him and strangles him with her bare feet. The more he resists, the harder she squeezes and he has no chance of escape.

This gorgeous but brutal blonde in black loves to feel her hands and arms wrap around a man's neck until he turns blue. This slave just takes the cruel punishment as she puts him in different positions so she can get a good strong hold and choke him until he fights for air. The sleeper hold is her favorite wrestling move and she masters it on one poor loser slave.

This sweet but strong wrestling slut shows no mercy to her slave when he dares to wrestle her. It's more like torture as she wraps her legs around his body squeezing him hard as she also wraps her arms around his neck and chokes him hard with a sleeper hold. He fights to breathe, but she squeezes tighter hoping that he will pass out. She is so beautiful but so cruel.

Mistress Maeva clearly wants this slave to suffer. He is lucky to be touched by such a beautiful blonde goddess but it comes at the price of being choked repeatedly. She climbs all over him with her soft, tone and tan body and chokes him with her feet then wraps her legs around his neck in a strong in inescapable choke hold. Wrestling Mistress Maeva was a bad idea for this loser.

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