Choking Femdom

Watch dominant ladies choking

Jennifer is one sexy babe that loves to do really hardcore things to her slave. She is going to choke him out with her arm, because she is really strong. Jennifer generally likes to make sure a slave knows that she means business. Her skills are so strong and she is so dominant all the time. Her slave will feel the pain of her strength.

Lady Latexxa is a very powerful mistress that loves to show her slave who is boss. She is going to put her bare feet on the slave's neck and choke him. Lady Latexxa will show her sadistic side and choke her slave's throat with her foot. She likes to show the slave that she is in control and he is nothing more than a dumbass on the ground.

Dangerous girls are always going to have no matter what. These hot babes are going to take choking to an entire new level. Not only do these girls know how to make things horrible for a slave, but they are going to make their slaves have a hard time breathing. This mistress tests out her skills in chocking a slave and making him turn red in the face.

Megan is a mistress that loves to really be dominant and show her slaves that she is a boss bitch. Megan will make sure that her slave is not only brutalize, but he will find out that she has one hell of a choker hold on him. The slave will have a red face from how hard she is going to hold her slave and choke him out.

Lady Latexxa loves to strangle her slaves. She finds them to be really annoying and some of her slaves are just downright disrespectful. She is going to teach a slave that he cannot disobey her, and that he is going to learn the hardest lesson ever from her. She is going to choke her slave and make him feel like a real loser on the ground.

Pretty dangerous girls are so bad when it comes to making a slave pay for being a bitch. Dangerous girls are going to put a slave into a horrible choker hold that will make it very painful for the slave, but also super hard for the slave to breathe. The slave will learn what it is like to be a loser and be a slave boy the brutal babes.

Kortney is such a brutal mistress. She loves to show off her choking skills when it comes to her loser slave. The slave has been her choking slave, so he knows to expect a great deal of pain, but loss of air. She is a lovely lady that enjoys being super hardcore to her slaves. She is also super sadistic with her slave boy that's a loser.

Stella just learned about strangling her slave as a punishment. She didn't do it before but she took a class to learn how to do it right. As soon as she got home, she called her slave to her and put him on the floor. She was happy to strip down to her corset and panties. She sat on his chest and used her hands to choke him. She loved watching him gasp for breath.

At least once a day, she will pin her slave do the wall or she will pull him onto the wrestling mat. She loves using her strength against him and putting him into different choke holds. She enjoys watching him struggle against her and losing. As she chokes or strangles him, she tells him how much of a wimp he is. She tells him that he doesn't deserve to be called a man.

When Maria is home with her slaves, she has to show them who is in control. She works out a lot and can overpower her male slaves quite easily. She calls her slave to her and is happy to take him to the mat. She uses her strength and skill to put her slave into a choke hold. She enjoys the way that he struggles against her before she knocks him out.

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